Patient / Caregiver ID Card Renewal Instructions

For all legal medical cannabis patients and caregivers, the state requires you renew your Patient/Caregiver ID Card with the Department of Health annually.

Your card is valid for one year from date of initial approval. This expiration date is stamped under your address and date of birth on your card.

The state recommends you begin the renewal process 45 days prior to your current card’s expiration. While you can fill out another Patient/Caregiver ID Card Application (be sure you check the RENEWAL box at the top and follow directions on the form), the easiest way to renew your card is online. Follow the directions below:

  1. Using your computer, laptop, or tablet navigate to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by entering into your internet browser.
  2. Click Log In from the top menu. The email address we have on file for you will be your username. If you don’t know your password, click Forgot Password? under the LOG IN button and enter your email address. The system will send you a temporary password that, in combination with your email address, you can use to log in.
  3. Once logged in, click Your Card from the top menu. 
  4. Under your demographic information, click the Renew My Application button.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to renew your card.


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