Compassionate Cannabis Clinic Announces Major Expansion

Since seeing our first patients on January 3, we have become the leading practice of cannabis medicine in the state. By putting our patients first, believing wholeheartedly in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and helping scores of patients obtain a better sense of wellness we have already achieved much more than I ever would have imagined possible.

In the weeks that have passed since Governor Scott signed SB-8A into law, we’ve seen an unbelievable rush of patients. Without more exam rooms, a bigger waiting room, and the physical room to hire more staff, we have reached our practical capacity within our current space.

As the medical marijuana system in Florida begins to take shape and more doctors begin to practice, many clinicians and administrators are focusing on building out. We’re taking a different approach. We’re building in.

While outward expansion would help to facilitate access to patients in a wider area, the lack of available qualifying physicians and the sheer geographic area of the state create inherent risks to quality of service to the patient.

We are unwilling to sacrifice our standard of care.

We’ve committed to invest within our existing practice and build upon the foundation we have established. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be instituting new and revolutionary procedures that will allow us to better tailor our care on a more individual basis to the patient. 

And while our little 1,000 square foot laser removal clinic space has served us well for the past 8 months, we’ve outgrown it. After an exhaustive search I’m happy to report we’ve found a new location for the Compassionate Cannabis Clinic.

Beginning on Monday, September 25 we will be seeing patients at our new, larger office at 425 Commercial Court, Suite C.

Located within the same complex, this new building offers us the ability to have a more comfortable waiting room environment, dedicated classroom and presentation space, multiple exam rooms, private consultation rooms, administration offices, and a fully functional production studio.

While our location may be changing, we will continue to serve our patients with the standard of care that has earned us accolades. We’re going to take this movement of safer treatment and comprehensive care to the next level. Within this new space we’re going to expand our public education initiatives, offering night and weekend classes in a variety of cannabis related subjects. Once the state unveils the required caregivers course, it is our hope that we will be able to offer it to our patients within our own building.

We’ll also be expanding our clinical educational initiatives, as we recognize the real need of competently trained physicians, nurses, caregivers, and advocates.

It’s taken us weeks find a suitable building, landlord, and lease arrangement. I’ve seen enough commercial real estate in the past month to last me a lifetime. We even placed an offer on another space, only to have it rejected because the building’s first floor tenant (a large orthopedic practice) convinced the building owner to back out because we’d “be disruptive to [their] business.”

Our new building management has professed to us their support of medical cannabis, and have even allowed us to continue our free clinical delivery arrangements with Trulieve, Knox, and Surterra, so long as the local need for access persists.

We are building a center of excellence in the practice of cannabis medicine.

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